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Global Publishing House (GPH) International publishes books in the following categories

1. ACADEMIC BOOKS: These include monographs, research books and text books. These academic books are required to be double blind peer reviewed and will only be published based on the recommendations of the reviewers.

2. ACADEMIC THESES/DISSERTATIONS: These include Doctorate Degree theses, as well as Master Degree and Honors Degree theses/dissertations in any academic discipline if it has passed the examination requirements of the institution where the degree was awarded. However, any part of a thesis /dissertation yet to be passed by the institution where the degree is to be awarded can be published by us if it is (i) submitted to us by the author and (ii) if it is recommended to us for publication by the reviewers who were involved in our double blind peer review process.

3. NON-ACADEMIC BOOKS: These are books for general readership that are not directed purely to people in academic institutions. Such non-academic books (e.g. good quality well written novels, stories, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs and Christian books) may or may not be required to be double blind peer reviewed.

In general your book can be produced in paper format or eBook format as, in today’s technological age, eBooks continue to gain popularity as technology now allows any reader to read books on smart phones, tablets, computers or in a stand-alone eBook reader.

The best, affordable, reliable, efficient and effective way to publish your book on time is through Global Publishing House International, which publishes academic books, including publishing thesis, publishing dissertations, publishing research books, publishing monographs, novels, etc, in e-book and paperback book print-on-demand formats.

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